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  • Culture in general and music in particular is essential to all humans with no exceptions, it has the great capacity to transmit feelings to change society in the most positive way.  It is the universal language par excellence and the true language of our hearts. 

  • Music reinforces and improves the cohesion of a society, endows it with tools that make it more firm and solid in the face of social injustices, especially in times of crisis such as those we are experiencing today. It is a social therapy and a fundamental pillar for the integral development of our reality and for the stabilization of our complexity.

  • It is a benchmark for humanity, generates solid bases of behavior and is a true ethical path towards generosity. It is culture what encourages and guides a society, values ​​its people to make firm commitments of solidarity.



  • NYCPA offers the highest quality music instruction to all members of the community. All music lovers are welcomed: from beginners and adult amateurs to advanced students and renowned performers - they work together to make an impact in their own lives and society. 

  • NYCPA works very hard with the purpose to make our students to embark upon a lifelong journey of  appreciation for music education and culture. 

  • NYCPA hires world-class musicians and international specialists in music education that offer the highest quality in piano performance training. 

  • NYCPA wants to make studying music enjoyable with the purpose of promote happiness in all our students' lives and those around them. 

  • NYCPA has the resources to offer unique musical opportunities of all kinds to all our students: from beginners to the ones that pursue an international career. 



  • NYCPA has been established with the purpose of bringing the joy and values of music to all age groups. ​

  • As a music institution, we feel as our duty to keep striving for a better world, where both professionals and music lovers may enjoy music with no constraints and be able to communicate their feelings and ideas through this wonderful and universal Art.

  • The commitment to Culture is more necessary than ever in these times of hardship that can bring out the best in people. NYCPA fights to show that with a sincere love and appreciation for Music, a wholehearted enthusiasm and a genuine appreciation for music, everything is possible.​ It is a long-learning opportunity. 

  • NYCPA is committed to help all its students through music to be more perseverant, patient, hard worker and competitive individuals.  


Online Learning: the future of education

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