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Online Piano Lessons

Ready to Take Online Piano Lessons for Adults? We’re Here to Help!

At New York City Piano Academy, we offer online learning, which we believe is the future of education. We want all people, whether they’re children or adults, to get the opportunity to learn how to play the piano from the comfort of their own homes.

We offer online piano lessons for adults that are ideal for beginners or advanced students. The adult amateurs program focuses on your personal goals. For example, you can choose to learn classical music, jazz, modern, pop or Latin. You may also enroll by semester, so you can begin working on your new piano skills in the fall, spring or summer.

Our packages include weekly private piano lessons. You can take an online program or hybrid program where you meet in person for lessons each month. For adults who want to perform recitals, we do offer them. Once you complete the fall and spring semesters, you can get an NYCPA certificate to show your completion of the program.

One of the things our students want to know is just how much this is going to cost. We offer affordable lessons! You can take a full semester of lessons, 18 in all, for $990. The summer semester, which offers eight lessons, costs just $440. You can also pay by the lesson, which is just $60 a lesson for 30 minutes, $87 a lesson for 45 minutes or $108 per lesson for 60 minutes online.

You can receive a trial lesson, or you can opt to have lessons in your home or our studio. The cost of a 45-minute lesson in your home or our studio is $90 per lesson, $680 for eight lessons or $1,530 for 18 lessons. We encourage you to call us for a trial lesson, so you can see how fantastic these prices really are for what you receive.


Online Learning: the future of education

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